International renommierte amerikanische Zeitschrift "Horses in Art" in der Ausgabe 3.2013 stellt uns und unsere Arbeiten vor: "Where Horse and Human Become One". Herzlichen Dank an die engagierte Autorin L.A. Pomeroy.

Gemälde Reihe für Projekt "CONSTRUCTION OF VIP MAJLIS AT NAS"  VIP Lounge, Flughafen in Dubai.

Räume der Hausverwaltung M. Dam in Hagen.

Arbeiten für Café " DESIGN & FIT" in Dubai (Cafe des artistes bistro gourmet)

For the Beauty of a Horse " Rezension zu unseren Arbeiten von Sher Horosko (April 2011)

Horse Utopia - Art Of The Horse In Florence, Ausstellung in Porcellino Gallery, Florenz, 2014

Veröffentlichung  in "Diana in Art" (Englisch) Gebundene Ausgabe, 30. August 2007 von Mem Mehmet. "Diana In Art is an excellent book of Art and Artists. A must have addition to any library. The greatest artists of the day including Andy Wharhol, Carlee, Andre Durand, Esrael Zohar and much, much more...." (Carl Habsburg-Simone)

Hier ein kleiner Einblick in Korrespondenz mit Käufer unsrer Arbeiten, unseren Sammler:

Your work is so stunning and moving. About 10 years ago I bought a huge 2 Andalusian horse painting, which is also breath taking. Your technique of painting is just riveting, and I knew somewhere again, I would be fortunate to own another of your paintings. Thank you.. / Douglas S./ USA

"….ich bin ganz begeistert von Ihren Pferde Portraits! Das erste für den Beginn meiner Sammlung habe ich gerade erstanden…"
Christiane M. / Deutschland

"...Thank you so much for the gorgeous painting - it really is stunning and will be admired for many years." / Cheryl (Edinburg, UK)

"...I am a breeder of Straight Egyptian Arabians in the USA....
THIS painting is fantastic ! You have captured the Spirit and beauty of the Arabian!" / Jennifer (USA )

"...I think you will be happy to know that my collection of art is exhibited every year to promote the arts You both are very talented. I own many horses and it is very hard for an artist to capture the "heart" of the horse. You both do it so well. So thank you for sharing your art with me. I would also like to know what you would charge for as painting using one of my horses..."
Michael (El Paso, TX, USA)